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Due to the times of crisis we are all in, and our decision to focus on other things right now, we are closed indefinitely...




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Why Kurrie?

Because it is good for the body and mind! Try it yourself and let us know if you agree. All our Kurries are made from scratch with ingredients that are good for you and our planet.

Our menu

Peanut and Cauliflower Kurrie 7.5


Cauliflower*, sweet potato, radish, peanuts, red bell pepper, garlic, ginger, onion, coconut cream and a lot of flavor.  Served with rice, fresh coriander, and our savory nut mix. *We deepen the flavor by simmering the Kurrie over the course of a couple of hours. This way the cauliflower is mainly dissolved in the sauce, don’t look for the chunks but salute the flavor! We’ve added radish for crunch. 

Red Cabbage and Sweet Potato Kurrie 7.5

A almost classic red Kurrie with some slightly bitter red cabbage perfectly balanced with sweet potato. Served with rice, fresh coriander and our nuts and quinoa combo.


Mediterranean Aubergine Kurrie 7.5

Tender aubergine, pumpkin, courgette and bell pepper in a hearty tomato stew. Think of  thyme, rosemary and mint. Served with rice, fresh coriander and some salty nuts. 


African peanut soup 7.5

A savory and slightly spicy peanut soup with lemongrass, keffir lime and cucumber. Served with a scoop of rice, crunchy peanuts, beansprouts and red chilli. Don’t be fooled, it is a whole meal.


Our Kurries can be spicy, but none of them are very spicy by default. If you want spicy just tell us when you place your order and we’ll be happy to discuss how much you really want to sweat. (allergen list

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Closed indefinitely


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